Wednesday, November 16, 2016

'Walk Florida' history, by app

handing holding smartphone open to Florida Stories app
The app puts history in your hands. Photo credit: GooglePlay
I'm all for reading and writing about Florida history ... but a new (to me) app has me excited about listening, too. The Florida Stories project of the Florida Humanities Council allows you to "stroll through history." You take walking tours while listening to audio vignettes that stream via the app.

But, hey, this is an app we're talking about. While waiting for it to download to my phone, I listened to some of the sample audios on the Florida Stories webpage - without being anywhere near the featured locales. Except for the one about DeLand Hall, which I could practically see from my window at the time.

The recent addition of a DeLand Walking Tour was my introduction to the app. Ideally, you listen to the narration while walking and getting close-up views of the featured buildings and learning about the people and culture associated with them. But it's going to be a while, for example, before I get back to Pensacola - some eight hours away by car. So I look forward to enjoying the Walk: Pensacola segments while walking around the block or sitting and enjoying the scenery in my yard. I also look forward to additions of more tours to Florida Stories.

A DeLand tour was recently added to
the app. Photo credit:
Florida Humanities Council
Most of all, I'm thrilled about this mobile avenue for sharing the wealth of historical information that is found in Florida. Too often, the state's history is overshadowed by theme parks, cruise ships, and beaches. All fun in their own way. Yet all built, in their own way, on everything that came before.

Happy listening!

Download the app from Apple's iTunes and Google Play

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